Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm having champagne and blog posting tonight, damnit!

Wow, I have not posted on here in for.Ev.Errr. It's been officially long enough that I think zero people will read this. I don't even think I will read this, but whatever I don't care!

Ok so I saw this Tina Fey video posted earlier by a friend of mine, and I died so many times, that I might even go so far as to say the dated "I died bananas" while watching:

So this lead me to watching more youtube videos of course since it is like the most subtly addicting website ever created. It's like, "I'm just gonna watch this one little 2 minute thing." That leads to about three hours later, "Wait, one more! This video looks good!" You know it's true. Anyway, end tangent. The first video lead me to watching this:

This video really made me think back to all the funny SNL skits and people I've seen in the past, but not only that, how much I love little quirky characters on TV & in entertainment now. For so long it has been a man's world. Lately though, and slowly within the past 20 years or so, I think that female comedians have come into their light. Jon Cryer brings up Mindy Kaling in this video, who is a perfect example. For a while, I had heard her name but had no idea who she was. At the same time, I knew that there was this really funny Indian character on "The Office" that would be on from time to time. When I figured out that they were the same person AND that she wrote and directed many of the episodes, I was highly impressed. Watch this girl on the show. She is just random and uber funny. It's just that she's so funny but must be so smart at the same time and on her game that I can't even deal.

Point: People like Mindy Kaling along with Ellen Degeneres, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, Sarah Silverman, and so many female comedians make me happy these days, happy that they can rule so hard in a man's world.

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