Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween just might be my favorite holiday. It's way up there at least. It's just about having a good time without the stress of bigger holidays. This year I am ready and am way pumped!

Tonight I get to be this girl:
Ugly Betty
And tomorrow, this classy broad:
Amy Winehouse
What could be more fun than being Ugly Betty and Amy Winehouse for a few days?! Happy Halloween everyone.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Paris, je t'aime

I love to travel probably more than any other thing ever. I especially love Paris, the culture, the people, the sights, the food, of course the wine, and the list goes on for days. I spent a great deal of time there this past summer visiting family and living it up with friends. Being there three times now, it kind of holds my heart, even though at times we have a love/hate relationship.

I came across an article from the New York Times today, and it only made me crave being back there. I especially enjoy the non-touristy aspects of the city, seeing how the real Parisians live. Check out the article and enjoy with me.

Pants on Fire

So I'm not usually very vocal about my political opinions. I mean I do make it known who I support, coughObamacough, but I'm just not very outspoken about it. I don't particularly like shoving my opinions in other people's faces. I fully respect other people's opinions whether they are on par with my own or opposing, well as long as people know what they are talking about.

That being said, I saw something this morning on CNN that just made me laugh. Headline: "McCain: We never quit." Hi that is hilarious because it is just false. I live in Michigan and about a month or so ago the McCain camp completely quit all campaigning here. He quit on Michigan. Hmm.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bopping around to Mates of State

I'm a firm believer that when you find some truely amazing music, something you really love, then you should share it, especially if it is more of an indie band/musician. I think it is good to share your knowledge of what makes you so happy and gets you into it so much. Lately I've been very into Mates of State. I started listening to them quite a while back, but lately I've been looking into more of their stuff, and I just love it. You should check them out right meow.

I actually saw them play a show in Kalamazoo last weekend which was amazing since good bands rarely come here. They played at the State Theater, and I had never been there. That place is so beatiful and old and just all around great. It just felt very cool to be in there with the architecture and decor,quite grandiose.


The show was the Barking Tuna Fest that's put on by the WMU radio station WIDR with some other random bands. Weird name I know. Mates was the headliner and definitely the highlight.


I enjoyed them so much that night that the next morning I was going to try talk to my boyfriend into going to see their next show that night in Detroit since he lives near there. He was totally a good sport and said he would. So I drove two hours at the drop of a hat to go see one more show. Hey it was the weekend, and I love the spontaneity. I'm totally glad I did because it was another fun night of bopping around to one of my favorite bands live directly in front of my face.

All in all a good weekend, and I came away with 2 great concert-going experiences and a very cool new Mates t-shirt. It's purple.

Friday, October 24, 2008


I want to make something new that I've never made before. Upon looking at some recipes, I've discovered one that looks fab: Zucchini Galette with Heirloom Tomatoes, Asparagus, and Pesto. It was on this blog called Spatulas, Corkscrews, & Suitcases. Hm, sounds like a good blog for me. Anyway, it looks delicious and adventurous in the cooking realm. I think I'll try it this weekend.

Pic Galette

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've been liking this blogging business lately. Check out the new links I've added to "I like these." There are some really fun ones and some very informative ones as well.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Things that matter to me right now

I get to see Mates of State Saturday so be jealous.
I love Katy Perry's blog. She's just fun.
That lead me here which I find highly intriguing and foresee me spending, rather callously I might add, lots of time here.
Danny Masterson in a mustache:
Photo courtesy:

Have a nice day ladies and gents.