Friday, February 15, 2008

Have a laugh

I think people should have a laugh with me. Don't you want 400 babies?


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Thursday, February 14, 2008


It's nice when you can make conscious, simple decisions that can improve your life. Jump at those chances. I have recently made one, and it makes me smile because I will be better for it.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Castle

So there was this house...

Sometimes people come into your life and go right back out very quickly. This tends to happen to everyone I'd believe. This happens a lot when you hang out with people in high school and then move away. They are not forgotten however.

There was a group of people that I hung out with quite often, one being this guy Justin who lived in an unbelievably huge mansion that Regina and I endearingly referred to as "The Castle." We were there many many times as Justin liked to have people over since his house was basically amazing and his parents were NEVER home. I repeat never. I never once saw one of them. I suppose they could have been away in some other random part of the house, but I'm pretty sure they were just never there. Anyway, there were many fun times there hanging out, partying, sitting in the backyard overlooking the lake, causing trouble in the driveway, etc etc. Well, I haven't seen or really even much though about Justin in years now since we've both moved away.

On a completely different note, every once in a while lately I have been hearing about this corrupt plastic surgeon in Grand Rapids named Robert Stokes. I've never really payed any attention to it though. Just little blips in the news.

Fast forward to yesterday. I finally got to have a catch up phone call with Regina which has been way too long in the making. She tells me that she has a random bit of info. She was watching the news, and who does she see? Justin. Justin Stokes. He is talking to the reporter and walking through his house. Blast from the past.

So he is showing his house. Regina tuned in because FUN! Why not? So what is the reason he is on TV showing his house you might ask? Well... it's going to be auctioned off. WHAT?! Apparently, his father IS Robert Stokes, the shady plastic surgeon that keeps being in the news, and now he is going to prison for ten years for insurance fraud.

I had honestly never put two and two together to realize that this SuperCreep was Justin's dad. This is probably since I had never seen the guy in my life. This whole situation really kind of creeps me out though. I guess you never know about some people. I feel a little bad for Justin because he really had nothing to do with it, but he lives in Arizona now so I'm sure he'll be fine. It's just icky. I really feel like this guy should be going to prison for a lot longer though, and for something other than just insurance fraud. I mean he effed up God knows how many people's plastic surgeries AND spread diseases in the making.

My thoughts on this guy though are a whole other story. The main point is that "The Castle" is no more. Sadness. It will live on in memories though, hopefully ones not tainted with some SuperCreep. Even after auctioned though, it will always be "The Castle."
There's a little blip about the auction. Check it out. It makes me laugh.