Friday, November 20, 2009

Killing Time - TheArt

So The Art is this band that I didn't really know too much about when I went to go see them live over the summer. I had heard like 3 of their songs beforehand. When they opened up for The Veronicas on July 12, I was blown away. They were just so for lack of a better word "cool". I loved their sound, and their presence was beyond. I should have bought their EP at the show when I had the chance. **kicks self** But I guess I'll have to just wait until the record they recorded over the summer comes out.

Killing Time is what I think is my favorite song by them that I've heard so I was stoked to find this video by Va Va Zoom on Myspace:

TheArT - Killing time

VaVa Zoom | MySpace Video

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lady Gaga Does It With "Bad Romance"

Damnit Gaga, you've topped yourself! Have you even SEEN Lady Gaga's new video for "Bad Romance"? Katy Perry said it best when she tweeted, "Yep, Gaga's game is on point, she's on another planet that no one else can get to right now... She's eating, breathing, living it. RAD."

At about 3 minutes in Lady Gaga's even wearing the shoes I want, bitch! Jk, loooooove youuuu. Seriously though, the shoes are like sea monsters on your feet, and I've been wanting them. I didn't think anyone would actually have them outside fashion week though. She really is rad.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Skins 4

Skins series 4 is almost here! Well it will be on January 21, only a couple short months away. For a little taste though the Skins E4 website posted a little taste of what's to come this upcoming season with an official trailer. Warning: it's probably more of a tease than a taste.

Plus, here's another little look from Skins Portugal: