Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tattoo You

Today I went with my friend Emily to get her tattoo touched up. I'd never seen a tattoo done before so it was actually pretty interesting, just what I'd imagined and seen on T.V. It was just different in person though. Right there it got me to thinking about my own ink.

I've always been going back and forth on whether or not to get a tattoo. I've definitely always wanted one, but I guess I've never found anything that I thought would be good enough. Lately I've been thinking of getting of getting Picasso's Peace Dove(at right, photo courtesy of allposters.com) on my side, in the rib area. Sitting there, I realized that I think I really do want one and am almost positive I want that. I asked the guy who was fixing Emily about it, and he just made me feel more positive about it. So long story short, I think I will be getting a tattoo sometime soon. Yay!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I got a Twitter. I got a Twitter. I got a Twitter hey hey hey hey...

And I'm still trying to figure it all out. What's the deal with that? I should really make a profile. Next on the agenda. So go to my Twitter. I just think it's a fun word. Twitter.

And I really cannot believe that I forget my user name almost every time I log in here. Super lame.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Updating is HARD

Hehehe, ok it's not that hard, but I just get so busy sometimes that I forget. Then when I think about it, I think more and more about how I have to have this AMAZING post that sums up everything that has gone on since the last post. Well then it's a big ball of pressure. Or well, I might just have gotten lazy on this. So I've decided three things: 1. I really need to update now. 2. I'm going to start updating again regularly so everyone should start reading again. 3: Instead of trying to write some feat of amazingness, I am going to just have a slight stream of consciousness. Here goes.

-I just read a headline saying that one of the world's largest diamonds was found in Africa. Granted, I have yet to read the story, but it made me thing. I wonder how many people were killed for that one diamond? Scary.

-Ok I like The Hills. SUE ME. It is a good show, and it is entertainment. I think people that try to hate on it to me should just get off their high horses and stop acting holier than thou about my interests. More on this subject:
-I'm currently catching up on last week's episode since I wasn't "allowed" to be on the main tv at my apartment. Anyway, the band on right now, White Tie Affair, is really fun! I'm going to check them out.
-I don't think Justin Bobby is as bad as everyone makes him out to be. I mean, I would never date him, but he's not horrible. He does clean up well and looks good in doing so. He also gives very good advice to Audrina. EXCEPT it pisses me off when he ditches her or treats her like dirt. He would make a better friend for her than boyfriend.
-Team Audrina! Ok enough about my love for this show.

-I'm supposedly going on a diet that was to start today, but it hasn't been working so well so far. I didn't get a chance to go grocery shopping yet so all I have here is crap, and I had leftover pizza for dinner. I'll be better tomorrow.

-My bedroom gets so HOT at night! I'm not sure what it is but after like 9 p.m. for some reason the temperature just jumps and it's ridiculous.

-Since I last wrote, I took a month long trip through Europe. That was absolutely amazing. My roommate and BFF came with me for the first two weeks for Paris, Amsterdam, more Paris, and London. We were even in Paris for Bastille Day which was really exciting. Then when she went home, I went off to Marseilles and Porto Vecchio, Corsica for another week and a half. It was crazy travelling alone, but also amazing. It was something that I personally needed to do. I learned a lot from it.

-I tried to eat a salad with Ranch dressing earlier (before the pizza). That was weird in itself since I almost never eat Ranch dressing. Then as I took the first bite, I thought it tasted weird and looked at the date on the dressing. Apparently it expired in August of 2007. It was over a year old. Gross. I just hope I don't get sick.

-I really need to get on decorating my room. I finally have a hammer and more nails to hang things so I actually can get started. Now I just need to get Chad to loan me his drill that he promised to let me use over a month ago. I have a shelf that I really need to hang in my bathroom that will make it both look better and give me way more space. And space it definitely sparse in my bathroom.

-Went to Chicago a week ago for the weekend to visit friends of mine, Mike and Kyle. SO fun. We painted the town red. Really, we painted Boystown red. Hehe, I love when Mike takes me to Boystown and introduces me to all his men. I had a blast visiting them both. I had been missing them, and I got a much needed break from Kalamazoo.

-This makes me remember that I need to make a trip to the Detroit area soon to visit Erica and Matt who moved out there. That one will be a fun trip too. I'm super excited though because I will get to see them the weekend after next! They're coming back for a Kalamazoo visit!

-I'm not sure if I put in my hyperlinks correctly. I've got to get back on top of my game in this blogging thing.

-Final thought: Rude.