Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stop! Animation Time!

This video by Sjors Vervoort made me smile. Oh art, how I love thee. Watch it, and brighten your day.

CARDBOARD a cardboard animation! by Sjors Vervoort

vc: svervoor

Monday, October 19, 2009

Eating Healthier: Do It

We all know that the US has an obesity problem. Yes people, we're fat. Now that statement does not apply to everyone, but a large portion of Americans are fat simply due to the way they eat. Overeating, eating the wrong things, and eating on the go are major contributors to the obesity problem we have going on in this country. Fast food is a huge contributor since it's now basically built into our culture unfortunately.

If people were to change certain things about their diets and become more educated about their health, I think many people would change some of their habits and ways they think about food. I know I've been trying to eat a lot healthier lately, cutting out a lot of meat and trying to cut out a lot of unnecessary fats and sugars and instead add in a lot more vegetables and fruits. Now, I wasn't big to begin with, but it's still important to be conscious of what I eat. Plus, I feel tons better when I eat healthier.

Today a friend of mine posted a link to the following video that I think is important for people to see and think about. It's a Nutrition By Natalie video called Top 10 Worst Foods.

Luckily I don't eat many of the foods she mentioned. I cut out most soda and fruit flavored drinks that are filled with sugar long ago. The ones I do eat are in very low moderation. Except I did eat some bacon for breakfast this morning. It didn't even taste good. Yay empty calories!

This video led me to watching other videos on the Psychetruth Youtube channel. Here is Top 10 Best Foods so you can see the other side of the spectrum:

If you want to eat healthy on a budget like I do, here is Top 10 Cheap Health Foods, Better Body Nutrition Austin:

To improve my habits, I'd like to get on the coconut milk train soon. That sounds delightful. It's good that I like a lot of the foods they mention: lentils, berries, sunflower seeds, etc. I should start eating more spinach since it's such an easy and obvious addition to other foods that I eat.

Some of the videos are long winded, but they provide excellent information about eating and feeling better.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Chaingng Mashups

What could be better thank Chaingang and ooey gooey 90's goodness all at once? Really? Well someone figured this out and made some great mashups with Chaingang songs. Cowflewoverthemoon on youtube is the guy behind this awesomeness with Reality Bites and Chaingang's Move:

That's my personal favorite. Check Janeane Garofalo's face. Priceless. Plus, Steve Zahn is the best thing since, well sometime. I particularly like the end where the video pans to the outside of the convenience store, and you can still see them dancing through the window.

Here's one more with 10 Things I Hate About You, also a great 90's movie and Chaingang's Animal:

Check out more Chaingang here: http://www.myspace.com/chaingangpower